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Desert Butterflies

by Yossi Sassi

Orient Sun 04:22
Fata Morgana 04:34
Neo Quest 04:26
Azadi 03:11
Believe 03:29
Ho sognato questo posto da una vita e mi sembra di conoscerlo da un po` giusto qualche differenza qua e laʾ io ti vedo già cantar con felicitaʾ Trovando ogni giorno una via nuova nellʾ attesa impaziente di un ritorno ci ritroveremo insieme più decisi è il desiderio dentro me che non cancello via (I dream of this place for a long time, That looks and feels familiar, with one difference between here and there - I see you there singing and happy. Trying everyday in an unmarked path Looking carefully for that turn That will find both you and me ready, with the longing inside of me that cannot be denied) We're all the same, different just by name, We can make it through until we forget that I am you, and you are as I am, Living simple life of simple men Dream and fly as far as you can plan You just believe at what you can sento che quel giorno lentamente arriva, la magia forse gli aprirà una via, ho desiderio di felicità nel cuore vorrei ali colorate per volar (I know the day is near, but not how near, where is that magic turn in my way? that craving to happiness that the heart knows, I wish the colored wings will grow on me) We're all the same, different just by name, We can make it if we try, I believe in you, I know you can, Living simple life of simple men... And I dream of that place we belong in The reality to which we're all longing Believing and reaching towards what we dreamt We're all the same, different just by name, We can make it through until we forget that I am you, and you are as I am, Living simple life of simple men, I believe we can, We can make it through until we forget that, I am you, and you are as I am, Living simple life of simple men Dream and fly as far as you can plan You just believe at what you can.
Inner Oasis 04:44
Azul 03:27
Cocoon 03:58
You've come this far just to be a shell, It's only a coil, the place where you dwell, Why won't you wake up, see and smell? Outside there's beauty, warm rays of light, I know you're scarred, and maybe you're right, Can you imagine that first flight? You're breaking that heart, yes its true, You're fighting the things that I knew, You're letting your dream slip through. This golden cage of yours, comfy enough, Inside you're soft yet they think you're rough, Don't let them think that you're not tough. Even the sands can't hide, You're almost there, one stride, after you've tried & tried.. open wide... You're breaking, you're out, yes its true, You're fighting the things I once knew, You're letting your dream to shine through


Butterflies in the desert? Is this possible?

When we think about a Desert, we usually think of a wasteland, one color, a desolate routine, even ‘boring’... When we think of butterflies, we think of freedom, of many colors, a symbol of change – one butterfly’s wings can trigger a change in the other side of the world.

But are there butterflies in a desert?

I introduced this question to many people around the world. Most people believe that, ‘naturally’, there are no butterflies in such hot, extreme conditions and environments. After all, what would such an accomplished and colorful creation be doing in such an abandoned, forsaken place?

Then I researched a bit, I found out that not only butterflies DO exist in ALL the deserts of the world, they are also one of the more common and diverse creatures in deserts, showing many different types of butterflies in all of our planet’s deserts. They adapt to the extreme yet ‘predictable’ weather conditions very well.

So there ARE butterflies in deserts. And more common than we’d think.

The life-cycle of a butterfly starts with an egg. It turns into a caterpillar, crawling around (like ‘a baby’), then a cocoon (‘an adult’, if you’d like). The cocoon is a still phase, in which the butterfly resides within its solitary shell. Finally – the butterfly emerges (the accomplished adult, the ‘dream’).

Many of us spend our lives in our cocoons; it’s a shell that defines us, regardless of who we really are, what our dreams truly are. Jobs, titles, the way to think & behave.

What about you? Do you follow your dream, in a liberated & colorful way?

Things aren’t what they seem. Butterflies CAN live in deserts very well, against common belief and our natural instinct. People CAN fulfill their dreams against all odds. The human spirit is stronger than any misconception.

We can and do fulfill our dreams in the most unbelievable places. You too can be the butterfly in your desert, flying and emerging from your own routine. Even in your day-to-day of the modern world, where it seems non-reasonable or even impossible to be what you should really be... follow your dream.

Be the butterfly you can be.


released May 1, 2014


All music & lyrics by Yossi Sassi
Produced by Yossi Sassi

Yossi Sassi – Vocals, Guitars (Electric, Nylon-String, Acoustic, 7-Strings), Bouzouki, Charrango, Oud, Saz, Chumbush, Keyboards
Or Lubianiker – Electric & Acoustic Bass
Shay Ifrah – Drums
Ben Azar – Guitars
Mariangela Demurtas – Female vocals on "Believe"
Marty Friedman – Lead Guitar on "Orient Sun"
Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal – Guitar solo on "Fata Morgana"
Erez Lev Ari (courtesy of NMC United) - Choir vocals, additional guitars on "Fata Morgana"
Roei Fridman – Percussion
Roy Zu-arets – Piano, Hammond
Daniel Hoffman – Violins
Itzhak Ventura - Arabic, Turkish and Persian ney
David Sassi- Choir vocals
Yosefa Zauosh – Female vocals on “Fata Morgana”, “Azadi”

Engineered & recorded by Liron Schaffer at Bardo Studios, Ramat Gan, Israel and Piloni's Studio (Zaza Jaffa), Tel Aviv, Israel.

"Jason's Butterflies" engineered and recorded in 1998 by Udi Koomran at his living room, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Assistant engineer at Bardo Studos - Idan Katz
Guitars technician - Arie Aranovich
Drums technician - Ami Bornstein
Mixed by Liron Schaffer & Yossi Sassi at Piloni's Studio (Zaza Jaffa)
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone studios, NYC
Pre-production & keyboards recordings by Yossi Sassi at Simplyossi studios

Cover and photo artwork by Dina Bova
Album design by Nina Zidani & Sana Jamm, Studio Kanaba
Logo concept by Yossi Sassi


all rights reserved



Yossi Sassi & The Oriental Rock Orchestra Israel

Familiar worldwide to music fans by his unique trademark signature sound, Yossi Sassi merges east & west, pioneering Oriental Rock.

With 30+ years as a Producer and Composer/Arranger, as well as founding member of "Orphaned Land" & inventor of the Bouzoukitara instrument, Sassi was voted "Top Newcomer 2012" by 'Rock Hard' magazine readers, and considered for Grammy nomination submission in 2016.
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